Children's room ideas...

how to create the perfect contemporary bedroom your child will adore

If you're considering redesigning your child's room, but a little stuck on style, colour and accessories, then look no further.  Our NEW "Children's room ideas" series of blogs will showcase beautifully designed rooms, from nurseries through to teenage and family rooms and show you how to get the look.

What child resist this fabulous bedroom?  With a feature wall, stylish furniture and a colour palette of blues and oranges, it's sophisticated mix of furnishings will appeal as much to adults as it will to children; some of the products are child specific but other elements can be used in grown up rooms around the house. This mix of grown up/child centric product selection exactly mirrors our ethos - rooms these days don't have to be babified or slavish to one style or theme. Designed by Art Space Interiors, we show why it is so appealing and how to get the look and create a room like this for your little one.


Light, bright and airy, this room is blessed with lovely proportions and an enviable floor to ceiling window flooding the room with natural light.  If your room is more compact and lacking in light, you can paint the walls in a neutral colour.  I am not a big fan of white walls in rooms as I find the paint tends to either yellow or go a cold grey colour as it ages, so I opt for a soft warm grey colour (a favourite is Sandersons Ice Cascade, no. 129). TIP: Paint the ceiling and walls the same colour so they blend.  This blurrs the boundary between walls and ceiling making the room feel bigger.

Adding a carpet to a child's room adds a warmer, cosier feel under foot than hard flooring.  Choose a neutral carpet over a patterned one as it will act as the perfect foil for colourful rugs and floor accessories when you come to dress the room.


The stunning wood effect wallpaper behind the bed adds warmth and texture and creates a lovely backdrop in this room.  Piet Hein Eek's Scrapwood no. 7 wallpaper is trompe l’oeil genius, featuring planks with a distressed paint effect in varying shades of aged and worn whitewashed wood. The print quality is so good that it really looks like the wood is nailed to the wall.


What child wouldn’t love this cool tent bed?  It's the perfect bed for a little adventurer and they don’t come much better than this fabulous Tipi Tent Bed, just right for camping out indoors every night of the year with all the comforts of home!  Piled with colourful, characher cushions, it’s the perfect sanctuary for curling up in for a quiet read or an afternoon snooze, and I can't see any child putting off bed time with this in their room! You can consider adding a trundle drawer under this bed to cater for those all important sleepovers or to store extra bedding or precious books and toys.

A Tipi Book Case has been chosen to compliment the Tent Bed and it's warm pine, triangluar frame links to the wood effect wallpaper. This free standing shelf unit has open shelves to allow a child to make a lovely display of their books and toys. TIP: We always tie tall free standing furniture to the wall incase it topples over onto a child.

A side table sits next to the bed and is a useful spot to place a feature night light, a glass of water or a reading book.  The Kilo Side Table (from Habitat) is a good choice and the super cute Lying Fawn Light will look gorgeous in a room setting like this.  Not too bright, it illuminates with a soft golden light perfect to read a book by but not too dazzling if your child needs the light left on throughout the night.

A cool pendant light for a room like this is the Dent No. 53; made from white plastic, it looks like it has been hammered into shape but it is soft, pliable and lightweight.  It's natty shape will provide a talking point in your child's room (along with everything else in this super scheme!).


And so to the finishing touches. These are what bring the whole room together, adding warmth, texture and colour.  A rug instantly adds a hit of colour and helps to define the space.  If you can, set the rug just under the feet of the bed to anchor it in the room but it looks lovely if it sits in the middle of the room  too.  The blue Hive Rug would looks perfect in this room, giving a more grown up feel, and so too the characherful Mr Fox rug in taupe and orange.

Cushions are fabulous accessories and can be piled onto the bed making it cosy and appealing. They can also be used on the floor as impromptu seating for when friends pop round.  The Star cushion in grey adds a more grown up feel while Slither the Snake and Whizz the Snake cushions add a vibrant shot of colour.

And finally, add some lovely art prints to the walls or propped up on the shelf for a display you can change more readily.  Ideal choices to suit the room design and colour combination are Big Fox and Big Brown Bear Art Prints.  These add to the charachter of the room making them the perfect finishing touch.


Get the look to re-create this gorgeous, gender neutral room scheme.

4. Hive Rug, £139.00

5. Big Fox Art Print, £19.00

7. Mr Fox Rug, £175
9. Dent 53 Pendant Light, £65.00
10. Star Cushion, £49