Rhapsody in Blue

Boho luxe meets fabulous flamboyance in this exquisite design for an opulent nursery.

The Oxford English dictionary deems the word ‘luxury’ as “a state of great comfort or elegance, especially when involving great expense”. And, “a pleasure obtained only rarely”. Well, we agree with some of these definitions, but not all. You can achieve comfort, elegance and pleasure but it doesn’t have to be a rarely obtained prize. This scene for a beautifully designed and decorated luxe nursery perfectly illustrates our passion for interiors and it is oh so attainable!

Mix it up

Creating jaw-dropping nurseries and children’s interiors that will not only be treasured, but ever remembered for their effortless verve is what we do. You don’t have to sacrifice style and go for regulation ‘kids stuff’ or all white interiors! And let’s not forget, you’ll be spending a lot of time in these rooms, so why shouldn’t they appeal to you too? This nursery looks and feels luxurious. There is texture and contrast, neutral matte, soft sheen and high gloss reflective shine. But it is pared back, refined and elegant. It contains an eclectic mix of nursery essentials teamed with grown up glamour issuing a sense of lightness that makes it feel really special.

Create the lux look

The key note item of furniture in any new nursery must surely be the cot. Our gorgeous Belle Sleigh Cot with it’s classical French styling, extols exquisite, handmade luxury and is a statement piece of design. Built by master craftsmen, it’s genteel, graceful curves are augmented with a luxurious white organic painted finish. 

Imparting ethereal glamour behind the graceful cot is an exquisite floral wallcovering by Colliss & Quinton. The Floramentation wallpaper is a spectacular large scale wallcovering, featuring dianthus, auriculas and turk’s cap lilies set amongst trailing foliage and antique embroidery. Radiating deep, dramatic cerulean blues with lustrous shades of turquoise amidst a flurry of ethereal, iridescent butterflies, it is electifying. Magnificently opulent, this divine wallcovering will absolutely light up a room. 

And speaking of lighting up a room, don’t skimp on illuminating your new nursery. Whilst there are plenty of stunning examples of lights specifically designed for children, why not add a bit of rock ‘n ’roll to the room? Moooi’s flamboyant Paper Patchwork Floor Lamp is certainly an investment piece, but it’s scintillating sculpted contours link perfectly with the shapely cot adding verve and charisma. So too does Tom Dixon’s Copper Pendant. Beautiful lights like this should not be overlooked for use in children’s rooms; they endow a dynamic focal point and infuse a room with a softened light and a warm metallic glow. Suspended over the cot, it’s  incredibly reflective surface will reflect and magnify light and imagery from around the room, creating dazzling composition wherever is it placed.

Finishing touches

Picking up on the warm coppery notes, this stunning Flamingo Baby Sleeping Bag features an exquisite plume of delicate painterly coral flamingo feathers. With multi-layered tones of blush, copper and rose, it will make a going to sleep in this nursery a blissful dream! 

And finally... a luxuriously soft Floramentation Velvet Cushion will compliment the wallcovering adding the finishing touch to this sumptuous boho interior. All attainable and all available from us at www.funkylittledarlings.co.uk. 

We pride ourselves on sourcing and expertly curating the very best children’s furniture in the world and offering a completely bespoke baby and children’s interior design service. If you'd like us to help you with your rooms, from a one-off bespoke commission to a complete room design, please contact mandy@funkylittledarlings.co.uk. We’d love to help!


All items available from www.funkylittledarlings.co.uk