Classic British Design

This beautiful nursery is inspired by a classic wallpaper by Barnaby Gates, with imagery of quintessential British heraldry. The result is a room which looks simple, effortlessly elegant and chic.

Gender neutral, this cool, classic scheme is fresh, relaxing and welcoming. Who wouldn't want to spend time here? See our BLOG for furnishing touches to compliment this scheme.

1. Heraldic Lion Wallpaper, Stone, £81.00 / 2. Belle Sleigh Cot Bed, £3,200.00 / 3. Hatton Wall Lights, £225.00 each
4. Dandelion Fields Cushion, grey, £49.00 / 5. Eames House Bird, £126.00 / 6. Eberson Rug, Slate, £1,144.00
7. Miffy XL floor light, £152.00

Please contact us if you would like us to design your nursery or child's room. We'd love to help.
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