Mr. Moustache Gold mobile

    This delightful Mr. Moustache Gold mobile never ceases to raise a smile. Underneath a black bowler hat, a bristle of moustaches in shiny gold, are suspended from clear thread, ready to twist and turn in the slightest breeze. Perch it over your baby’s cot and watch as their gaze follows the gentle swaying of the moustaches in motion. This mobile is guaranteed to add a sprinkling of joy to any room.               

    • dimensions: W: 30cm x H: 40cm
    • black top hat and 5 golden moustaches         
    • made from 100% recycled paper
    • clear nylon thread for fitting
    • self assembly

    Please note: this item is for decorative purposes only so please ensure it is hung out of
    immediate reach of babies and children.

    This item will normally be dispatched within 5 working days